Friday, May 15, 2009

Big-Water Recreation on Northern TN Rivers

via NOC Nolichucky Raft Guide Jeff Clewell

"The calm before the storm. Guides Nathan and Jackie enjoy the scenery before the action picks up on the Doe River Gorge. Normally a pretty narrow and shallow river, the recent rains provided enough water for a raft to make it down comfortably."

"We saw the Nolichucky rise up to 4.5 feet, that's higher than I've ever seen it! Here Nathan and Jackie drop into the top wave at Rooster Tail."

"A lot of the smaller, more technical features of this rapid get washed out at higher water, but the waves certainly get a lot bigger. This is Nathan and Jackie getting soaked by the big waves."

"French Broad River manager Steven Sherrill drops into the slide in the middle of Bodysnatcher Rapid on the Doe River. The Doe is a favorite of many local paddlers, and it's close enough for us to run after a day of work."

"This is me, your Nolichucky River guide taking my last stroke at Stateline Falls on the Watauga Gorge. Consistent rains have made this creek runnable for the past three weeks! Quite a treat for paddlers."

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  1. Hi..I cannot wait to do that River. It looks like great fun! I am waiting for my son to grow a little stronger before we tackle the Nolichucky. I feel like I am in "good hands" with NOC guides. I blogged a trip we took on the Chatooga with you.

    Great Family Fun!